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Fulham High Street

Bennett are the Design & Build Contractor on this new development which includes the construction of four retail units, 49 high end apartments and 10 townhouses in four blocks over a basement carpark.

Block 1 is a 6 storey block of apartments over retail space at ground floor. Block 2 is retail space at ground level with apartments above and comprises the sub-station for the development and the main electrical switch room and blocks 3 & 4 are townhouses built off ground beams.

Two locally listed gatehouses will be retained on the site and used as an entrance gateway to the development behind. 

The project includes high-end finishes to the residential units including top of the range kitchens, wardrobes etc. 

The Mechanical and electrical items include communal heating, communal air conditioning and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

This site is located on a busy high street and presents many challenges including logistics and timing of deliveries, maintaining public safety.  Deliveries are scheduled to ensure that no traffic queues along Fulham High St. will be allowed to build up and this will be managed closely by our logistics manager. There is limited on-site storage therefore the use of off-site manufacturing is absolute where possible. 



Project Details
Client: Meyer Homes
Size: 8,855m2
Architect: DGA Architects
Surveyor: Stace LLP
Timeframe: 19 months
Cost: 23 million
Location: United Kingdom