Bennett are the main contractor on this new design and build project consisting of an 124 bed apartment complex split between 2 apartment blocks.  

Works commenced on site in July 2021 and are due for completion in February 2023. 

The project is being built directly on top of the Dublin Port Tunnel, and as such the design had to consider any impact that the building could have on the tunnel.  

Bennett have opted for modular construction techniques as much as possible i.e. opting to go for precast concrete and bathroom pods.

To date the project is on programme to be completed on time and we have had a solid health & safety performance with no accidents or injuries to report.

Architects impression of the development
Bennett Broomhill House Team
1st floor plan view
Block A, lower ground floor
Block A, transfer slab
Block B, 1st floor plan view
Block B, lower ground floor