Members of the Bennett Team Take Part in Mallorca 312

Members of the Bennett Team Take Part in Mallorca 312

Members of Team Bennett travelled to Mallorca recently to take part in the Mallorca 312 event on Saturday 27th April 2024.

They were joined by the legendary Sean Kelly and several other avid cycling friends amongst the over-all 8500 participants.   

The event official started at 6.30am with cut off check points along the way to ensure participants finished within a reasonable period. 
Temperatures on the day ranged from low teens in the early morning to mid-twenties during the event.  Winds on the day were blustery over the mountains with caution being required on switch-backs and on the descents.

The 167km route took place over 2330m of climbing, while the 225Km event took place over a solid 3660m of climbing.  The 167 crew completed the course in slightly over 7.5 hours averaging moving pace of 26km/hr and kudos to Jim Bennett for completing the 225Km route within 9 hours with an impressive pace in excess of 27km/hr. 

Thanks to Sean and the team for getting all around the course safely and to the event organisers for a wonderful event.

Ciaran Gormley, Sean Kelly, Jim Bennett & Paul Bruton