4-6 Balham Hill, London 4-6 Balham Hill, London 4-6 Balham Hill, London 4-6 Balham Hill, London

4-6 Balham Hill, London

Bennett Construction Ltd were awarded a six storey residential devlopment consisting of 62 apartments.

The development of the scheme involved the demolition of the warehouse/ storage facilities on site and formation of a basement plant area with apartments over. The site incorporated the access drum and ventilation shafts for a Second World War deep air raid shelter together with ground levels storage buildings that were in the possession of London Underground Limited (LUL). The site was over the underground Northern Line serving Clapham South Station.

There are 64 dwellings in two blocks ranging from 4 to 8 storeys above ground in a combination of affordable units and private for sale units. The blocks are linked by an landscaped courtyard at ground floor level.

The scope of the works also included alterations and refurbishments to the WWII air vents and access drum. These elements of the works were carried out under license from LUL.

The proximity of the new building structures to the existing airshafts and access drum building introduced geotechnical constraints regarding ground movement and possible settlement and the necessary adoption of a flat slab foundation structure to accommodate the effects.

The main building structure was of insitu concrete with some large span structures over the existing above ground shelter building. The frame was clad in a combination of Zinc, Ceramic panels/ tiling, Render and Composite Glazing elements. Roof structures were a combination of concrete flat slab, steel support structure with purlins and a waterproofing membrane.

Landscaping and external finishes were completed in the final phase of the project and comprised of a communal grassed and planted garden area between the blocks with selected tree planting completing the scheme.

External hard paving to the garden and to the approaches from Balham Hill were also included in the scope.

Existing trees to the North of the development which were on another site and encroaching over this site are protected and were retained during the works

Project Details
Client: IPSUS Ltd
Category: Residential
Size: 5,539m2
Architect: Harper Downie
Timeframe: 17.5 Months
Cost: 9 Million
Location: United Kingdom